Classic frieze on wall

A classic frieze on wall, will give a more distinguished and elegant touch to your room, without the need to do any type of work.

Using different types of molding and a DM board, we will place a classic style frieze in the room, to which we will also give color. Follow the instructions that we are going to give you below and you will get really spectacular results.

To carry out our work we will use different types of moldings: some of extruded polystyrene, a lightweight and very flexible material that easily adapts to the irregularities of the wall and others of wood with which we will create frames. We will also use some DM pieces that we will place in the middle of these frames, thus creating relief paintings. Finally, we will color the frieze. Before starting the work, we will remove the trims of the plugs or switches that can hinder us.

  • Tools
  • keyhole saw
  • Polystyrene sheet
  • Miter box
  • Pallet
  • Rib saw
  • Roller
  • Bucket
  • Milling machine
  • Half round strawberry
  • Orbital Sander
  • Laser level
  • materials
  • Extruded Polystyrene Moldings
  • Mounting adhesive
  • 10mm thick dm board
  • Wooden moldings
  • Sealing primer
  • Acrylic paint
  • Protective paper
  • Masking tape

Step by step to install a classic wall frieze

Step 1
We cut the wood moldings as we need with the ends at 45º. To carry out this work, we will use a miter box and a rib saw.

Step 2
When we have cut the DM plank into equal rectangles, we review the songs with the milling machine provided with a strawberry of half cane. We protect our eyes with special glasses for this type of work.

Step 3
We have used a half-round strawberry to round the edges of these pieces, but if you want to give them a different shape, you have many types of strawberries in the market.

Step 4
When we have milled the edges of all the pieces, rwe cover the surface of these with a sander Delta and a fine grain sandpaper. If we want to get a good finish when painting the frieze, a perfect sanding is essential.

Step 5
Now, let's cut extruded polystyrene moldings with the ends at 45º. To perform this task, we will use the rib saw and miter box.

Step 6
With all the pieces prepared, we mark on the wall the height where we want to place the moldings of polystyrene. To do this, we can draw a longitudinal line on the wall, at the desired height, with the help of a ruler and a level. However, we are going to use a self-leveling laser level with a tripod that we will set at 1m high. When the device is turned on, it will emit a laser line at the level at which we have leveled it.

Step 7
Then we proceed to place the polystyrene moldings on the wall. To do this, we will apply mounting adhesive on the back of the pieces.

Step 8
We put the moldings in position. Thanks to the mounting adhesive, they will be well attached to the wall from the first moment and will remain fixed for a long time.

Step 9
We also place the wooden moldings, fixing them with the same adhesive. With four pieces of wood we will make several frames, leaving the same distance between them.

Step 10
We proceed in the same way to fix the DM pieces in the center of each frame that we have composed with the wooden moldings. In our case, in addition, we will have to make a recess in the bottom of one of the pieces, for the switch.

Step 11
Before starting to color the frieze, we will place bodybuilder tape on the wall and put a paper with self-adhesive tape on the floor not to stain.

Step 12
We apply a sealing primer over the entire surface, using a foam roller. For hard to reach places, we will use a brush.

Step 13
When the product has dried, we give the first coat of paint. We will apply a white acrylic paint, using the roller and brush again. With the paint already dry, we sand the entire surface well With a fine grain leaf.

Step 14
With a cloth we remove the dust that has been produced when sanding and we give a second coat of paint.

Step 15
When the paint is completely dry, we remove the bodybuilder tape and the paper we had placed on the floor so as not to stain.

Step 16
To finish our work, we will only have left replace the trims of the switches and sockets with the help of a screwdriver star.

Step 17
In this simple way and for very little money, we have placed a classic frieze on the wall of our room, considerably changing its style.

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