How to make a birdhouse

On this occasion, we suggest the construction of a birdhouse, whose structure we will make with a wooden board.

A simple carpentry work that we can share with the smallest of the house.

Step by step to make a birdhouse

Step 1
We will start marking all the pieces We need to form the booth.

Step 2
With the jigsaw and a wood blade, we will make the cuts carefully following the marked lines.

Step 3
Then we make a entry hole in the front part of the house, using the drill provided with a crown saw. Depending on the diameter of the hole, the house will be destined for a different type of bird.

Step 4
We also make the hole for the support pipe.

Step 5
After applying a little mounting adhesive, we insert it in its corresponding hole

Step 6
We give adhesive on the edges of the pieces, join them and reinforce the fixation, inserting nails.

Step 7
To finish we will add a female through which we will pass a rope that will help us to hang the booth.

Step 8
Now we just have some lovely little bird to approach and delight us with its song and its presence.

Video: Build a Bird House for Under $5 in Under 5 Minutes (April 2020).

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