Make a table lamp

To make a desk lamp we will use a lamp stand that we can acquire ready to ride in diy warehouses. Subsequently, we have the option of treating the wood with a color dye and then use the "Sucus", a high adhesion paint It covers very well and can be purchased at handicraft stores.

As regards the electrical installation, we will connect a cap, screwed directly to lamp stand, which must be hollow so that you can hide the cable inside. And finally, we will place the screen, fastened directly on the bushing.

Now let's see in a way More detailed East process:

First, we pass a fine sandpaper to the water To open the pore. Then with a cotton cloth we will give one dye hand Intense color

We apply a mixture of two parts of primer and a part of solvent with a brush.

To remove the wood grain, We spent a water sandpaper and again give another layer of diluted cap. Again, we will return to pass the sandpaper.

We cover the wood with "Sucus". Then, when the paint is almost dry, we rub with a green scourer for remove it partially.

We introduce the cable for him lamp interior with the help of a cable glands or a wire and we connect it to the bushing by introducing each of the wires in one of the connection terminals.

To end, we will screw the bushing directly to lamp stand. We remove the top washer of the socket to insert the screen and screw it back to fix it. We put the bulb and we will have our table lamp.

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