Fix the water cistern

One of the breakdowns most frequent within the world of plumbing occurs in the toilet cistern: water leaks, drips or noise are some of the problems more common.

These incidents, in most cases, can be solved without resorting to the use of specialized tools.

A signal that indicates that there is a problem in the cistern is the continuous noise emission, produced when the tank does not stop taking water even if it is full. exist three causes why this fault can occur:
- that has been deteriorated The valve input that cuts off the water once the tank is full
- that the float is broken or perforated
- that has been broken valve It controls the water outlet.

In the event that the float is perforated and sinks, it is necessary change it. Once we have cut the stopcock of the tank, we disassemble the float and replace them with another one of the same kind.

He inlet valve wear It is one of the most frequent causes for which a fault can occur. After closing the stopcock, what we will do is disassemble the valve to replace it for a new one of the same model.

There are some models in which float position is adjusted with a screw to increase or decrease the amount of water in the tank. On some occasions, we can bend the arm slightly.

With the objective of unclog the toilet, we can improvise a sucker covering a mop with a sturdy plastic, tied with a cord.

DIY work on how to fix the water cistern

Fix a tank leak
Next we will see step by step how to repair the leak so that the toilet works properly.

Change a cistern
We have a problem with the toilet cistern, since the noise that the water produces when it escapes is heard in the bathroom. We see how to solve the problem.

Video: Fix Constantly Running Dual Flush Toilet Cistern By Replacing The Flush Valve Washer (April 2020).

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