The 5 most popular renovated bathrooms without work by Decogarden

Renew bathrooms and toilets It is usually one of our biggest challenges, because we are generally facing the smallest and least cozy space in the house and often it ends up becoming the room we leave aside and look older.

However, in Decogarden we love challenges, and we always try to teach you great ideas and tricks to decorate and renovate a bathroom without work, many of you start our ideas and we love that!

Therefore, we have made a top 5 of the five bathrooms and toilets that you liked most during all these years.

We tell you how we make each decoration Step by Step!

The five bathrooms with more reproductions of Decogarden

Update old bathroom without doing works
Let's see how to update an old bathroom without doing works. Some tips from Decogarden for an economical decoration.

Decorate bathroom without work in white and wood
We decorate a bathroom without renovation, covering the floor with hydraulic tiles and combining painted tiles with vinyl slats to renovate the walls.

Modernize the bathroom without doing works
If you want to modernize the bathroom without doing works, do not miss this example of Decogarden. We will see how to update the bathroom decoration in a simple way.

Rustic and bright bathroom
Let's give a new look to the bathroom decoration. We show you step by step how to decorate a rustic and bright bathroom.

Renew the appearance of the bathroom
We will give a change to the appearance of the bathroom with a new vinyl floor, special tile paint and an original furniture. We show you step by step below.

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