Decorate a luminous study in wood

On this occasion the main objective of the decoration team will be to give a radical change to a room to turn it into a luminous studio.

To do this, the first thing will be to give a new color to the walls. On this occasion, the chosen color will be a light green that will bring luminosity joy to the future study.

In addition to the color change in the walls, some are going to be created original shelves with some wooden boxes, and a study table that will also have this type of boxes as protagonists. A closet that has the room will also be reused, but with a color change.

And to finish the work, different accessories and accessories that will bring a personal and current touch to the room.

  • Tools
  • Roller
  • Telescopic handle
  • Brush
  • Cuvette with grid
  • Drill
  • level
  • Nylon hammer
  • Screwdriver
  • Subway
  • PencilCube
  • Clean cloth
  • Bucket
  • Pallet
  • materials
  • Plastic paint
  • Protective paper
  • Masking tape
  • Pine Plywood Board
  • Pine boxes
  • Screws
  • Decorative paper
  • Paste
  • White glue
  • Primer
  • Acrylic enamel
  • Widia drill bit
  • Tacos

Step by step to decorate a luminous study in wood

Step 1
We have a room without any decoration that you want to use to study. Therefore, the rest will turn it into a luminous and practical study.

Step 2
After protecting well the areas that we are not going to paint, we will give a new color to the walls of the future study. For give more light to the room we will opt for a soft green.

Step 3
The next step will be use some wooden boxes as a shelf. To be able to hang them on the wall, the first thing we will do is place some boards on the wall to do the base function. In this way, we can place weight on them, since its base is somewhat thin.

Step 4
Once we have the piece of wood on the wall, we can fix the box With some screws. We will do this same process until we achieve a composition of 6 boxes.

Step 5
To achieve a vintage touch we will use some black and white decorative papers. In this way, the background of the boxes They will look much more and we will have an original bookcase. To fix the paper we will use paste.

Step 6
The next step will be make a table for study. We will use a piece of pine plywood as a base. To this base we will fix some pieces of the same material as separators. To fix them, we will use white carpenter's glue and screws.

Step 7
To finish, we will place the base of the table on two white wooden easels. In addition, we will place a custom glass countertop. In this way, we will have an original table with drawers in sight.

Step 8
On the other hand, how are we going to reuse closet that we already had, before painting black, we are going to apply a layer of sealer so that the paint grips well.

Step 9
Finally, we complete the decoration of this luminous study in wood with a white window blind, some accessories, some lamps on the ceiling and some accessories to give it a personal touch.

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