Autumn photos in the Decoration Community

Do you want to see how users decorate their home in the fall season? These are some of the photos that have been sent to the decoration and crafts community.

The best autumn decoration photos in the Community

Dry leaves for the living room
Of the user Hydrangea of the community. "As I go out for a long walk with my dog ​​I have collected some dry leaves and branches to decorate the living room table. They are placed in a wicker basket and fixed to a garden base. You can throw them some lacquer so they are harder. I always have candles, but because of the colors I think it looks good. "

Orange fall
Of the user Rosabel64 of the community. "I take advantage of the gift that nature gives us, with those nuts such as nuts, almonds, and fruits such as quinces, persimmons, etc., creating various still lifes that decorate and brighten the living room and kitchen."

Autumnal window
"I love autumn and its colors so I always add an autumnal touch to my house, in this case, to the kitchen window."

Autumnal hall with dry twigs
A work of the user SoniaDeco from the Community: "I lined the candle with branches of the forest and painted chestnuts in small pieces of finite wood. In the center, a natural coconut."

Autumnal decoration with amigurimi
A work of the user Trizen in the community. "The pumpkin scarecrow is made with the amigurumi technique, accompanied by pumpkins and ceramic mushrooms, dried pineapples, chestnuts and reddish branches."

Fall explosion
Of the user Master souls of the community. "Chestnuts, pomegranates, hydrangeas, ivy leaves, pumpkins, moss and stones ... All products that nature gives us in this wonderful season, and with which I love to prepare baskets like this to decorate my house or give to the people I want ".

Autumnal decoration
Of the user Gonzalo Gomez of the community. "These are some of the compositions that adorn our house in this beautiful time. For this at home we use what nature offers us: pumpkins, corn, pineapples, chestnuts, nuts, acorns, etc.

With all this we are decorating the corners of the house. A small furniture in the hallway with a glass bowl with corn, an ivy and a candle in the center, two ears of black corn and a vase with some lavender branches, all on a mat matching the lilac color of lavender . With pumpkins, pineapples and other elements collected from nature we have made different centers and compositions, combining the orange and green of the pumpkins with the browns of pineapples, chestnuts or acorns. "

Autumnal center for table or furniture
Of the user Nayiss of the community. "With simple elements such as pineapples, stones, etc. you can make a center to decorate a coffee table in a living room or the furniture at the entrance of the house. The elements are placed on a plate or bowl and so you can give it a Autumnal appearance to the house.

In addition, the best of all is that this type of centers does not cost much money. Many of these things (stones, pineapples) can be found on the street or in the mountains. The stones, for example, I took them this summer while walking along the beach and the pineapples, I took them the other day I went to the mountain. "

Autumn decorative center
Of the user Janire of the community. "Taking advantage of a walk in the countryside, I have collected some dried leaves, acorns, ferns and a pineapple. I have placed them on a plate, so that in this simple way I have created a decorative center for the hall. Any element can be placed that we find at this time in the countryside or in the parks. "

Autumnal Centerpiece
Of the user Carmelilla_price of the community. "This was the centerpiece I used during a dinner at home whose theme was the harvest party."

My autumnal room
Of the user Andreaalb of the community. "My husband and I have a small house but we really like the decoration and especially the Nordic style, in summer the white color invades us and in autumn-winter we like to give it a touch of color with the browns and golds. Here you can see the sofa with some brown cushions and my favorite blanket to watch TV. "

Autumnal teapot
Of the user Decudeco of the community. "It is decorated with technique decoupage to decorate our kitchen. "

Autumnal magic
User work Rachel GL of the community. "Nothing like the enveloping color of autumn to relax at the door of your own home. The pleasure of nature, the changes of the color of the leaves, autumn wraps our senses and brings out the most magical and endearing of us all until we become children.

That's what happens to me every time I open the door of my house, letting in the magic of autumn to relax reading a book. Not only the colors of the leaves falling from the trees, the chirping of the birds, the fruits as tempting as the pomegranates, the apples, those chestnuts and so many other natural goodies that awaken the senses. In my decoration I wanted to capture all those sensations and variety of colors, respecting nature with my peculiar garden, at the door of my house, with the shelter of the plaid blankets, the candles in their wrought iron lanterns, evoking the old and mysterious. Those old wooden boxes that have contained so many times red fruits and now serve to store moments, favorite fruits and a good foothold to read that much desired book. "

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