Remove gazpacho spots

Gazpacho spots are very similar to fried tomato spots, since a good part of the ingredients of both dishes are the same, and they are not complicated to eliminate if the correct steps are followed. Being an oxidizable stain, because of its high tomato content, we can use a stain remover with active oxygen that is applied directly on the stain or as a supplement to the detergent in the washing machine.

The action plan would consist first of all putting the garment in a bucket with cold water and add a stain remover measure with active oxygen on the gazpacho stain. Then, gently rub the stain on the clothes and let stand in the water for half an hour. Then, you can enter the washing machine with the usual program. If the gazpacho stain is not very deep or the clothes are dark in color, you can put it directly in the washing machine and add a measure, according to the manufacturer's instructions, of active oxygen stain remover.

Note: If the gazpacho is very oily, you can also spray a stain remover on the stain.

Video: Golden Tomato Gazpacho (April 2020).

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