Cocker spaniel

Cocker dog breed tab Spaniel

  • Pet: Dog
  • Family: Spaniel
  • Group: FCI: Group 8, Section 2: Hunting Lifting Dogs
  • Origin: Britain
  • Size: Medium

Race history Cocker spaniel

The oldest ancestors of Cocker spaniel they are dogs Spanish people. As the name implies comes from the family Spaniel whose races were used for hunting throughout western Europe during the 17th century. A century later several family members arrived in the British Isles, where the Cocker Spaniel was born. Starting from Field spaniel, its precedent, the English breeders got an excellent dog for hunting, tireless and resistant to any climate and geographical area. The name Cocker, comes from the word woodcock, which in English means partridge or scholarship, a type of bird that hunted frequently.

The cocker did not take long to cross borders and spread throughout Europe and America. In 1902 The Cocker Spaniel Club was founded and the first standard was established, but the breed continued to develop and two varieties were created: English and the American. The first is larger and has the most developed snout, since its main utility was still hunting. American breeders, on the other hand, were looking for a more elegant and stylized specimen, smaller in size, longer hair and shorter snout. In 1945 the American Cocker was recognized as an independent race.

Physical Features of Cocker spaniel

The Cocker is a constitution strong and compact Their weight ranges between 12 and 15 kilos, taking into account that females are somewhat smaller than males, as in most races. Measure about 40 centimeters at the cross. He snout It is square and the jaw is robust, characteristics that derive from its nature as a hunter. Their eyes Brown, large and round, they have an expression of intelligence and sweetness mixed with a spark of joy. The ears They are long and fall next to their cheeks.

He fur, of medium length, it is smooth and silky, with fringes on the ears and legs. The range of colors is quite wide with a total of approximately 15 varieties. Two categories of Cocker are distinguished according to the color of their mantle. On the one hand, there are the specimens uniforms, of a single color like gold, black, red and chocolate. The colored ones black and fire (black and tan) also fall into this category, because although they are two colors, the fire marks cover only 10% of their body, totally black, in certain areas: on the sides of the snout, on the eyes, on the inner face of the ears, on the legs, on the chest and under the tail.

On the other hand, there is the category multicolored, which includes the combinations of the previous colors with pure white or marbled (Roman Cocker).

Behavior of Cocker spaniel

The cocker is very agile And it has a lot of energy. It is also intelligent and quite obedient, although also something strong headed. He loves being with his family and gets along very well with children as long as they are responsible. Normally it is a very dog sensitive, you need a lot of love. Curious and restless, he is always willing to go for a walk, play or run, no matter how long he is carrying out the activity, since he is a dog of great resistance, almost inexhaustible.

Care of Cocker spaniel

The cocker needs regular exercise and a very balanced diet, since it is prone to obesity and also has a lot of energy to channel. You have to brush your hair daily to keep it lustrous and without knots. It's advisable clean your eyes often and be very careful with your ears, since they can accumulate dirt due to its length and easily suffer from otitis.

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