Hawthorn elixir against cholesterol

Natural Style teaches us how to make an elixir to reduce cholesterol. The hawthorn liquor is an excellent cardiac stimulant, hypotensive and hypocholesterolemic tonic. It has a mild and sweet taste.


  • Fresh hawthorn fruits (300 g)
  • Sugar (150 g)
  • Muscat wine (1 L)

Preparation of elixir for cholesterol

Step 1
We put the fruits and sugar in a bottle.

Step 2
We add the wine.

Step 3
Macerate for 40 days in sunshine and serene.

Step 4
We filter and let stand a few months before consuming the liquor.

Conservation: Keep in a cool and dry place.

Other comments and curiosities:

In general, liquors, the longer they are allowed to stand, the better they will be. They are usually taken from one year to another.

Following the general indications of this recipe, making some adaptations, liquors of all kinds can be prepared: of herb, fennel, blackthorn, quince, lemon, etc.

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Video: How to make a Hawthorn berry elixir! (April 2020).

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