Japanese diet to lose weight, is it healthy?

Getting rid of the kilos that have been gained after the excesses of summer is one of the main reasons why people decide to start a diet.

There are numerous diets that, although they follow different methods, share the same goal: lose weight. The last to make the leap and become a trend is the japanese diet, also known as the banana diet. The banana diet It is a diet whose main food is, as its name implies, the banana.

A tropical fruit that is characterized by being a product rich in carbohydrates, vitamins, minerals and with a great nutritional and energy value.

The diet, designed by the Japanese Hitoshi Watanabe, is known as "The Morning Banana Regimen", or what is the same, the morning banana diet. A diet consisting of consume banana in the morningDo not eat any food until lunch, drink a large amount of warm water during the day and eat light food before eight in the afternoon.

It should be noted that this diet gives people who follow the freedom to choose the products they consume for lunch, snack and dinner, as long as the latter is not done after eight in the afternoon.

A method with which experts disagree on the insufficient amount of nutrients taken at breakfast. That is, since breakfast is considered the most important meal of the day and should provide about 25% of the total calories of a day. Therefore, experts consider that eating a banana and water at breakfast is insufficient for the body.

The diet of Hitoshi Watanabe indicates that it is essential that the eight hours of sleep are respected, since it has been shown that the union of sleep and metabolism is such that lack of sleep can contribute to weight gain.

A diet without scientific basis whose impact is identified as a fad rather than an effective process to lose weight. Despite this, it is necessary to highlight the benefits that banana consumption brings to health and, hence, the importance of including it in the diet.

Regardless of the effectiveness or not of the Japanese diet, experts recommend Do not rely on diets that promise to lose weight in a short period of time and without making great efforts, since following these types of diets in the long run is detrimental to health.

If you are thinking of starting a diet, from Hogarmania we recommend that you go and follow the instructions of a professional specialist.

Following a healthy and balanced diet and physical exercise is essential for a healthy life. Do not neglect the diet and your body will thank you.

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