Diet and tips to control hypertension

Healthy habits to prevent hypertension

  • Maintain the ideal weight. UnIMC 23-25 ​​KG / M2, since obesity is a risk factor.
  • Physical exercise. It is recommended to exercise regularly
  • Moderate alcohol consumption.
  • Diet rich in fruits, vegetables and skimmed milk products with total and especially saturated fat reduction.
  • Restrict salt intake. It is recommended to drink below 6 grams of salt a day, the equivalent of a teaspoon of coffee. Instead, to spice up the dishes you can use spices or herbs (cumin, oregano, parsley ...). To reduce salt intake, avoid canned or added salt products and buy fresh or frozen / canned products without salt. Meat, fish or poultry should be purchased fresh, not packaged or pre-cooked. Some sauces have a lot of salt such as mustard or barbecue sauce, avoid them. Cook the rice and pasta without salt.

Diet to control hypertension

Many people with hypertension also suffer from obesity, so generally the diet should be moderate or low calorie.

Tricks to reduce the calories in the diet

  • Increase the consumption of less caloric foods low in fat and rich in fiber, potassium. For example, replacing cookies with an apple will save more than 80 calories, taking half a bowl of dried peach “dried apricots” instead of a bag potato chip avoids more than 200 calories, or choosing a skimmed yogurt instead of a portion 40 g chocolate means 110 calories less.
  • Use low-fat or fat-free condiments, vegetable oil instead of butter, avoid sweets and sweetened foods like soft drinks with glucose, cakes, ice cream ...
  • Cut the food into little portions and eat calmly by chewing food well.
  • If you want to snack between hours drink fresh fruit or vegetables and drink water instead of soda.

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