Nine types of apples (and what to do with them)

Are you a little lost with the amount of apples offered by the market? Normal: there are about 20,000 different varieties, of which about 7,500 are trademarks and on which work is continuing to achieve new mutations more resistant, tasty or adapted to different terrains. They are generally grown in temperate to cold climates, and bear fruit from the end of autumn until late spring, although some types - such as the Gingergold - ripen even in summer, and others are much later (such as Makali or Kizuri type). .

Apples are climacteric fruits, which are distinguished by continuing to ripen after being harvested (such as bananas, melons, nectarines, peaches, plums or pears, among others). During this process they generate ethylene, a gas that can ripen - and also spoil more quickly - other fruits and fruits such as tomatoes, bananas or other apples: hence the saying of rotten fruit that spoils the basket.

Under the right conditions - refrigerated chambers with controlled atmosphere - the apple can be preserved for several months without losing its freshness, so we can find them in the market all year. If you don't know how to take them - apart from a bite - in El Comidista we can give you some ideas.


Artichoke, apple and cereal salad

The most viewed apple pie in the world

Apple with red pepper, raisins and pine nuts


Cheeks with mashed potatoes and apples

Caramelized Apple Sauce

Roasted apple with cottage cheese and nuts


Quinoa, beet, apple and gouda salad

Smoked salmon, apple and dried fruit salad


Chicken with apples and pears

Apple and raisin cake

Crumble 'gay pride' of pears and apples


Acid Apple Tzaziki

Marcelo Salad


Apple Tatin Cake

Apple cream and trumpets of death

Caramelized apple and carrot cream

Four quart apple cake


Celery and Apple Salad

Apple and rosemary puree


Spiced Apple Compote

Apple Gazpacho


Apple Pie from 'American Pie'

There i oli Apple (with vegetable meatballs)

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